Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Dashboard

Ending homelessness in Western Australia

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH) is comprised of a group of individuals and organisations that have come together to end homelessness in Western Australia. In 2018, the WAAEH launched its 10-year Strategy to End Homelessness 2018-2028. The WAAEH was originally funded by Lotterywest to further develop and implement the WAAEH strategy and as part of this funding the CSI UWA (one of the founding organisations of the WAAEH) developed the WAAEH Evaluation Framework and has annually released the WAAEH Dashboard and Ending Homelessness in Western Australia Report.

WAAEH 2021 publications

> On 3 August 2021 the Ending Homelessness in Western Australia: 2021 Report and Summary Report was released

> On 7 July 2021 an updated Outcomes Measurement Framework: Dashboard V3 was released

The Dashboard is an evolving, accessible and visual platform designed to present and report on outcomes relevant to the key targets of the WAAEH. In 2022, the Dashboard has moved across to the interactive mode on the present site.

All paths lead to a home: Western Australia’s 10-year strategy and action plan 2020-2025

Western Australia State Government’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness has a vision that everyone has a safe place to call home and is supported to achieve stable and independent lives.

Released in July 2020, the first Action Plan of the 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness focuses on ending rough sleeping, building a No Wrong Door approach to service delivery, increasing low-barrier crisis responses, and supporting innovation. In 2020, the Western Australian Government provided $71.8 million funding boost for homelessness services and $34.5 million for the Housing First Homelessness Initiative (HFHI).

A summary of the actions, planned and already ongoing activities, and Western Australian and service level initiatives for each of the four outcome areas identified in the Action Plan is detailed in the table below. The Western Australian Government’s Strategy and initiatives together with reforms in areas such social housing supply, FDV, out of home care and youth justice, support the agenda to end homelessness in Western Australia.

System and service level initiatives featured below do not in any way represent a comprehensive list of all of the initiatives in place in Western Australia, but provide insights into the breadth of initiatives operating and some of the different ways in which the homelessness service system is working to end homelessness.

Outcomes and current initiatives resulting from the Action Plan of the 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness
Outcome WA Government initiatives Systems and service level initiatives (including those funded in part or full by the WA Government)
Improving Aboriginal wellbeing Boorloo Bidee Mia Nitja Nop Yorga Ngulla Mia
Wungening Moort
Target 120 (T120) program in Kununurra
ACHO Alliance
Moorditj Mia
Barn Doyintj Doyintj
Boola Moort Tenancy Support Program
Providing safe, secure and stable homes HFHI The 50 Lives 50 Homes (50 Lives) and 20 Lives 20 Homes Fremantle (20 Lives) program
Housing Investment Package The Zero Project
Refurbishing 1,500 existing public and community housing dwellings and implementing a rolling maintenance program for almost 4,000 regional dwellings. The Tiny Houses Initiative
Common Ground facilities in East Perth and Mandurah. My Home projects
Horizon House
The LIFT Program
Tuart House
Tom Fisher House
Koort Boodja
St Bart’s Women’s Service
Foyer Oxford
Armadale Youth Accommodation Service (AYAS)
The Salvation Army’s Emergency Accommodation & Referral Support Services
The Salvation Army’s Family Accommodation Program
Preventing homelessness Path to Safety: Western Australia’s strategy to reduce family and domestic violence 2020-2030 Home Stretch Trial
A Safe Place: A Western Australian strategy to provide safe and stable accommodation, and support to people experiencing mental health, alcohol and other drug issues 2020-2025 (A Safe Place) 12 Buckets
Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity T120
Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) Homeless Team
Mental Healthy Homeless Pathways
After Hours Support Service program
Homeless Discharge Facilitation Fund Project
Homeless Outreach Dual Diagnosis Service
Choices Post Discharge program
Centrecare’s Housing Support Worker: Drug and Alcohol Initiative
Centrecare’s Homelessness Accommodation Support Worker – South East & North West Metropolitan
Centrecare’s Housing Support Worker Corrective Service (Men)
Entrypoint Perth
Entrypoint Outreach
Centrecare Family Accommodation Service
Centrecare’s Sky service
Private Rental Advocacy and Support Services (PRASS)
Residential Rent Relief Grant Scheme
Zonta House
Ground and Co
Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre
Homelessness Engagement Assessment Response Team (HEART)
Financial Counselling Network
The Bunbury Supportive Landlord Pilot (BSLP)
St. Patrick’s Health and Dental Clinic and Community Centre/Engagement Hub
Passages Youth Engagement Hubs
Tranby engagement hub
Reconnecting Lives Program (RLP)
Safe Night Space
Library Connect Fremantle
Anglicare WA’s Housing Stability Project
Young Women’s Program (YWP)
Strengthening and coordinating our responses and impact No Wrong Door WAAEH Evaluation Framework and the Youth Homelessness Action Plan
Online Homelessness Services Portal YHAC
Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity HOME Hear of My Experience project