Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Dashboard

People experiencing homelessness: their voice on what they need to be safe and well

The Advance to Zero database includes responses from those experiencing homelessness to a question contained the following question “What do you need to be safe and well?” This was posed as an open-ended question, leaving respondents able to articulate any needs that were salient to them. A total of 2,774 responses were recorded for Western Australian participants.

Respondents overwhelmingly mentioned housing and a home but also refer to physiological needs (e.g. food/water), safety and health needs, belongingness and love needs (e.g. friends and family, social support) and esteem needs (e.g. independence and employment).

“A home, stability for my son so he can attend school regularly and participate in normal childhood activities.”

“I need more contact with supportive people.”

“A safe place for myself, daughter and grandchild.”

"Just a roof over my head and somewhere to put my baby girl (dog)."

"To be able to be me without judgement, free.”

“A door, a bed and a toilet - not to be watched, a friend a place of my own.”

“A home for my families security and to know the home we have is for a long period.”

“A house, food, stable accommodation, social interaction and having a plan of action to organise your life.”

“A safe, stable home where I can sleep at night and have food in the fridge.”

“Housing, medication, job, good mental health.”

“Social contact, people I can relate to, a safe house, regular exercise, gardening.”

“Employment, good health, and positive lifestyle.”

“Long term secure accommodation, improvement of general health, find a job.”

“My own place, the ability to deal with problems, and move towards employment.”

“Stable housing, stable job, and friends.”